Feet on the ground in Uninor, India

Seizing telecom market share in India

A couple of weeks ago I spent ten days training my colleagues in Uninor in facilitation skills. The company is a telecom operator in India partly owned by Telenor.

Great fun and challenging

I realise that preparing and running good meetings can be challenging. Entering into a business unit from the head quarter situated far away can be tricky. Hopefully we got some of our messages across. The groups of HR and Learning professionals were eager learners.

All for the customer
At the end of the stay I was eager to leave the class room and feel the vibe of the sales’ people. Thus, my colleague and me joined two of the sales’ managers and drove into the slum areas of Mumbai. Brilliant!

The picture above shows one of Uninor’s crucial stakeholders in the Indian market. He is a shopowner in the vibrant slums of Mumbai. Every time he convinces a customer to invest some rupis in the Uninor sim card instead of competitors’ sim, he helps us develop and build our brand as a preferred partner for people of the streets.

That’s how we can make clients happy and share holders content.

Feet on the ground in Uninor, India

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