Online collaboration: I’m a believer

I was about to loose my faith in online collaboration as a tool for driving corporate change. Now I think there is hope.

A couple of weeks ago a lunch conversation brought forward an interesting Wired article on organisational transparency. I had shared my frustration about the hype of social media and online collaboration. To me these phenomens looked like brilliant, fun and incredibly useful for people and business relying on capitalising on their insight into users’ behaviour online. However, as a tool for driving forward organisational change I had become a sceptic.

Simply put, my frustration goes like this

  1. Why bother to apply social media tools and IT resources that enable people to solve problems together in a company if there is no culture for change?
  2. Why bother to challenge the employees to work differently if the leadership segment don’t give a damn about organisational development?
  3. How can companies tap into the potential of the social web as a strategically smart, collaborative tool when companies continue being closed to the outside?

At this moment I don’t have fully fledged good answeres for this. However, after reading Clive Thompson’s Wired article The See-Through CEO I believe there is hope for all of us. Any corporation can change, open up and become more collaborative.

Online collaboration: I’m a believer

2 thoughts on “Online collaboration: I’m a believer

  1. I agree that change will only happen if co-workers are willing to make it. Online collaboration technologies have a great potential for every company. I suggest you take a look at our web-conferencing tool at lets you easily upload a document and view it with co-workers or friends. It is free and requires no installation.

  2. Hey, Josh

    Thanks for you input. Your software looks nice and neat. However, why spend money on paid software when Google Sites and Etherpad offer some of the same opportunities for free?

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