Shantaram: Happy reading

A deliciously fresh novel about India. The story allows me as an outsider a peek inside a different world.

I guess this blog post has not got anything to do with the topic of this blog. Nevertheless, here is a few words about a wondeful novel I am reading this summer: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. He has composed a fantastic story about an Australian on the run from a prison break. Apparently the novel is quite a lot an autobiographical story about his own flight from prison in 1980 and all that followed afterwards.

Roberts’ tale is a wonderful piece about the dramas of our lives and how to keep an eye on the important aspects of life. It is also a story about taking control of your situation and make the best out of it. The protagonist of the novel restarts his life with positive thinking when arriving in Indian soil, still on the run.

The book is a joy ride due to its gallery of colourful characters and sudden turns.

Shantaram: Happy reading

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