Tell a story, make a drawing.

In 2005 I spent a year in Madrid studying for an MA degree in Strategic Human Resources. I still view it as one of the smartest investment I have done.

In order to get up to speed in Spanish proficiency I spent a couple of months on a language course before starting the MA programme. Change of location allowed me to spend time on things I normally would not do, like for instance drawing stuff. I spend mornings in the classroom learning Spanish verbs and grammars. In the afternoons I could go to the beach and relax or hang out with fellow language course students.

One of those afternoons I created a story in my head which I spent the next couple of afternoons writing and skethching.

I didn’t have a plan for the story when I started drawing it. Somewhere down the road I decided to mail it to the five year old daughter of a friend of mine. A few months ago I borrowed the book and posted parts of it on my Flickr photo sharing site.

Here’s an extract of the original story. Text is in Norwegian. The link opens a new window with a slideshow.


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