Body language rules

Power Point guru Nancy Duarte shares three tips on how to improve the way you reach out to your audience.

Nancy Duarte
Nancy Duarte

I’m a great fan of Nancy Duarte. She is the queen of everyone trying to help people kill their powerpoint slides and rather use the communication skills within themselves. She was in charge of Al Gore’s presentations in the film “The Inconvient Truth” by Mr Gore and she has written a wonderful book on how to think as a designer when making presentations.

One of my colleagues has challenged me on my need to improve my powerpoints. Thus I’m trying to do better and have gone to the grail of communication which I beleve Ms Duarte represents.

I’ve found her recent post on how to improve one’s message when presenting quite good. Below is her main points:

  1. Gain eye contact with audience
  2. Reach out to them: involve audience
  3. Animate your message: make them feel your joy and pain

Go to her blog to read what she puts into these three points.

Body language rules

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