Change gets you going

I’ll go looking for opportunities outside that box again

Thre three messieurs Vassilis Samolis, Kostas Eleftheriou and Bill Rappos (pictured above) formed GreatApps last year. According to a recent story in the New York Times these three lads realised the business downhill appearing in front of them. The market was going down the drain, it was just a matter of time before they were going to be hit by the credit crunch.

Enter Apple apps (that is ‘apps’ for ‘applications’). The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch open up for add-ons or applications, programmes that the user download for free or by purchasing them through the iTunes music store. The applications have turned out as an immense opportunity for several parties:

  • Apple has managed to capitalise on an innovative eco system filled with content by enthusiastic users of Apple’s fairly costly products.  
  • Users are provided with an enhanced user experience of their products when hundreds (or even thousands?) of add-on programmes are produced.
  • Software developers are given a commercial opportunity for making a living out of what at  first glance could at best look like a diversion of time spent.

I find NYT’s story a fresh account of what may come out of difficult times if you set your mind right: creativity, new products, money and a new direction for lots of people. That’s inspiring!

Change gets you going

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