Google sites make lovely wiki tool


Google sites: a powerful web tool for corporate collaboration

The other day a colleague of mine introduced me to the wonderful wonder of wikis. A wiki is an editable web site that anyone can edit and produce content for (or only a selection of people – that’s up to the editor to decide).

I’ve been a strong defendor of blogs as tools for collaboration. The problem with blogs are that they require a certain amount of computer skills and an interest in publishing something constantly. Besides, the minute you close it to the public, it becomes a hassle. Publishing attachments to a blog is also a bit of a challenge to newcomers. Therefore: enter wikis!

Wikis are flexible and user friendly

I thought wikis were dull, text-only based web sites that would be incomprehensible to anyone other than geeks and web enthusiasts. Not so.

Wikis have become easy to use and entertaining, valuable tools for knowledge sharing and project development.

Google is one provider of free and easy to use web tools through their service Google sites. The service is amazingly user friendly.

Google sites make lovely wiki tool

4 thoughts on “Google sites make lovely wiki tool

  1. Interesting.

    I and JAJA are fairly new to blogging but we like the straightforward way of getting our messages across and the ease of sharing ideas.

    How would you weigh the pros and cons of blogs vs. wikis?

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Instead of pros and cons of blogs and wikis I’d rather say the two medium tools serve different purposes.

    A blog is a brilliant platform for communicating to an audience in an informal way.

    As I can read from the JAJA blog you are talking about your projects in a straight forward manner that invites your readers to comment upon. That’s good. Your web site complements this by being sleak and to the point – I guess it is your ‘portifolio’ aimed at possible customers.

    However, in case you are aiming to create something together with others, either colleagues or customers, a wiki is a good tool for continuously building upon each other’s knowledge. A wiki allows participants to piggyback the other’s ideas immediately and it allows users to edit the text. Lost? Think of Wikipedia. Everyone can edit the encyclopedia.

    While a blog is like publishing a text and afterwards receiving comments upon the finished text (as if the published text was frozen the very minute it is published, even though it is still possible for the publisher to edit it), a wiki is constantly evolving.

  3. Nice to see that I’m not the only one trying to force Wiki’s on to projects etc. Great tool and more people should now about the power of Google besides its searchbar. Google Sites and Google Docs are great for collaboration across companies and geographical borders.

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