Manage your B players well

Talent management is more than managing high potentials

During the last few years ‘talent management’ has become a buzz word that any leader or HR professional would claim ownership to. However, it is crucial not only to cling to an understanding of talent management as if it is about recruiting, developing and retaining the brighest crowd.

The heart and soul of a company tends to be the people in the middle – the staff that deliver and deal with all sorts of challenges every day. They are normally not regarded as shooting stars within the company, rather as steady goers, people who keeps the ship floating. One way of labelling this group is ‘B players’. That is what Harvard Business Review and a couple of other management writers do (se sources at the bottom of this post).

High potentials are crucial for any company having big ambitions. Nevertheless, a company putting all its money on developing high potentials may quickly slide into a situation where ‘the regular crowd’ will despise the stars and engagement levels will slide downwards. Guess which employee segment that effects the company as a whole?

Now as the credit crunch has seriously hit anyone depending on the markets, it is time to remind CEOs and HR people to keep in mind this segment of the company.

Check out my bookmarks on B players for more insight on this topic.

Manage your B players well

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