The power of the social web

Accumulate knowledge through user generated content and provide answers for others online

A while ago one of my readers asked me why I was such a great fan of social bookmarks. I didn’t have any other answere than that I like the slick design and userfriendly interface of the add-on it offers Firefox web browser users.

A couple of days ago I suddenly realised why I’ve grown such a big fan of social bookmarking: it really helps one build up a substantial amount of knowledge in a well organised manner. Let me illustrate with an example. Last week another reader of this blog asked what kind of sites, books or resources I would like to recommend on organising international teams. I had to think for a moment. Then I came to think of my bookmarking habit. Within a few minutes of tiding up my bookmarks, I was able to offer my reader

That was good fun!

Another thing: Please find below an amazing illustration of social web applications put into a single drawing. How many social web brands do you recognise?

The power of the social web

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