Learning from failure

Learn from failure and transform the insight back to your daily practices

Zidane lost his temper and headbutted his Italian counterpart during the World Cup Final in June 2006.

I do not know if Zidane learnt anything from that incident. The question is what you and I can learn from those moments where everything goes completely wrong, either due to your own fault or external factors.

The value of failure

Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek, two bloggers at Harvard Business Online, claim there is a lot of learning to pick from failure. Below are some of my reflections after having read their short piece:

  1. Taking risks is normally a good thing to do. Innovation relies upon the willingness to take risks. Nevertheless, it will eventually bring you until the point of failure. Knowing when to stop and what signals to look for may come handy next time.
  2. Analyse what kind of failures you have done and how they come to be. When you understand the context of your failures and why turned out to be failures, you’ll know what to do next time.

More about failures (links stolen with pride from Gergen and Vanourek)

Learning from failure

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