Gain impact by filming your message

Film your message and stand out from the crowd.

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Put a smile on their faces

Human resource professionals ought to trigger people’s engagement, rather than removing it. HR should be at the forefront of experimenting with the potential of social media tools as means for building corporate culture.

If you are trying to get your employees or colleagues to carry out a task or change behaviour, then you will come a long way by showing some enthusiasm yourself. Instead of writing endless quantities of emails, rather try to communicate in alternative manners. Stand out from the crowd by speaking what’s on your mind rather than writing it.

Show, don’t tell

This video (roughly 1 min) was made in order to increase the use of a software used by young professionals in our company for their appraisal talks. The video is more of an experiment than best practice of video making. That’s not the point (and I don’t do blockbuster moviemaking for a living). What’s important is to get your message across and inspire people to do their job with a smile on their face.

Gain impact by filming your message

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