Mobility: some ideas

The Economist

Jan Chipchase, a behavioural research designer, works for a Finnish mobile phone-maker (I wonder what brand that could be…). Below he and the folks at The Economist, a weekly business journal, have been playing around with how to convey what’s in the concept of ‘mobility’.

Mr Chipchase has put together a collage of messages and pictures from his daily life as an expatriate in Tokyo. The audio and photo journey is suffering from a lack of focus and purpose. However, the idea of playing around with the concept without strict script give some ideas on how to share your work and insight with other people. Check it out: Jan Chipchase on mobility.

What’s this got to do with HR practices? Not much really, but it deals with how people try to make sense of their surroundings independently of them working in a familiar context or not. HR visionaries able to conceptualise this may put challenging contexts into an understandable framework for people who are about to be moved into a position they don’t find comfortable.

Mobility: some ideas

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