Recruitment done differently

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Rethink your recruitment strategy and have fun.

A couple of colleagues with some unorthodox perspectives on employer branding may bring you a lot further than you think. That’s perhaps what got into the minds of some people at Connected Ventures, a NYC based company. In 2007 they employed roughly 50 employees developing a couple of entertaining web sites. During a Thursday night party at work, they shot a music video with their staff – all in one shot, believe it or not. As soon as you get to about 0:53, you know it’s going to be good.

Recruitment strategies are not what they used to be

The video quickly became hugely successful online and de facto turned out to serve as a successful recruitment video. Three months passed, and, oops, 4 millions (!) had viewed the film, according to the blog.

Want more?

A French company was inspired, so they collected similar songs acted out.

Recruitment done differently

3 thoughts on “Recruitment done differently

  1. vegardig says:

    They’re making some kind of programmes and flash entertainement for various web sites. I guess they’re a bunch of creative souls who have united. Thus they’re limits for saying, ‘YES, roll that crazy idea, caus’ we’re in and going for it right away!’ is slighly higher than in an average office space.

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